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Kenmore Animal Hospital

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Foxy's Fund

Prescription Discount Program

We know the cost of medications, prescription diets, and other over-the-counter goodies can add up quickly, so we have created a way to save you some money, maintain a high level of care for furry family members, and also do some good for others!

Owner Opening Package Giving Dog a Treat

Membership Fees

  • $20 FOR 1 PET

  • $25 FOR 2 PETS

  • $30 FOR 3 PETS

  • $35 FOR 4 PETS

  • $40 FOR 5 OR MORE PETS

This is a non-refundable. annual fee that goes directly to our Foxy's Fund that helps fund mobile vet care for fur babies of the Elderly in our Community who can't come to us.

A Happy Black/White Dog Next to Vet Store Shelves

With your membership, you will receive:

  • 10% discount on all prescription drugs and retail*

  • 5% discount on food purchased at Kenmore Animal Hospital

* Discounts do not apply to fluids or medication/food purchases from our online pharmacy.

Dr. Kristin Mahoney, DVM was the proud parent of Foxy, who is the inspiration behind Foxy's Fund. Foxy was just 7 months old when she was dumped at the specialty clinic where Dr. Mahoney worked, and had been starved and suffered a pathological fracture from her lack of nutrition. Dr. Mahoney stepped in to nurse Foxy back to health.

Foxy, came to work with Dr. Mahoney every day for several years. Rat poison toxicity cases were very common; dogs came in unable to clot their blood, and bleeding out. Many of the little dogs needed whole blood and needed It Instantaneously. That's where Foxy helped out. She was the universal blood donor of the dog world. And over the years, she literally saved many small dogs that really needed immediate transfusions.

Foxy died when she was about 14, but she loved life was such a good natured soul. Foxy's Fund was created in her honor and adopted by hospitals so other homeless and family-less animals get the medical care they need.